The Yes List: An Experiment In Openness

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Description: Seth Gamble and Victoria Voxxx make love together on their pillowy bed. Though they may seem like an average couple enjoying each other's bodies, beneath the surface, they are worlds apart. As they have sex with each other, Seth watches porn on his phone, and Victoria uses a vibrator. When they climax, they fall into each other's arms in the afterglow, but their eyes remain distant and troubled.
Victoria has always fantasized about having an open relationship, but she's worried that Seth won't want to have anything to do with it. Not to mention that such a touchy subject might put a thorn in their long-lasting relationship. Surprisingly, however, Seth admits that he feels ready to try something new. Something more... open. In fact, he hints at having a crush on Victoria's close friend, Casey Calvert.
A few days later, Victoria agrees to let Seth and Casey have a fling together. But when Victoria gets in her car to drive off and let them be... she can't help but feel a bit conflicted. Just the thought of them together, in her house... It's almost too much to bear. Will this experiment in openness help Victoria and Seth's relationship, or will it simply reveal a harsh truth that they've been ignoring all along?


The Yes List: Talk About It 

The Yes List: An Experiment In Openness 
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