Stuck At The Slumber Party

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Description: Kenzie Reeves is enjoying a slumber party with her friends when she suddenly realizes that she's missing an earring. She goes into the bedroom, searching around, but can't find it anywhere! That's when she decides to crawl into her bedroll to see if it's buried deep within the fabric. She's disappointed that the earring isn't in the bedroll but when she pulls back, her hair gets caught in the zipper. Oh no, she's stuck! Nathan Bronson, the hostess' older sibling, happens by the bedroom when he sees Kenzie's cute ass stuck out of the bedroll. He instantly grins as he steps into the room. Kenzie is relieved that he's there so that he can get her free, but Nathan wants to have a bit of fun first. He'll let her out IF she plays a game with him -- a game of Would You Rather. Although Kenzie's annoyed, she plays along so that he'll help her. However, she's NOT expecting it when he eventually asks if she'd rather be embarrassed when her friends find her stuck like this OR fuck HIM! Since she just wants to be out of the bedroll already, she decides to choose the latter... Nathan is excited as he takes his time fingering and eating her out from behind. While Kenzie WANTS to be annoyed, she has to admit that she feels pretty good... and once he finally slides his cock into her pussy, she feels even better! Maybe being stuck isn't so bad after all.
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