Has A Handle On Dredd's BBC

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Description: Gianna Dior delivers silky smooth erotic pageantry in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Dior resembles a sexual chandelier, adorned in stringed gems along with glittery panties. Her sexy tease sequence effortlessly ends with an awaiting DREDD. Gianna wants to engulf DREDD's meat but she can “barely get my lips around it”. The stunning starlet knows how to handle girth. She two-hands the girder with intermittent face-fwaps wrapped around slobbery sucks. Fucking ensues and the couple begin with Dior in doggy. Her thoroughbred frame beams then DREDD penetrates creating a visual that resembles an adult stuffing a foot into a toddler's sock. Surprisingly the sock fits! Gianna wails “take that tight little pussy daddy”. Dior stuns full frontal. Riding in reverse-cowgirl she says “don't want to be able to walk tomorrow”. DREDD will deliver as he pounds Gianna. Then DREDD places Dior's sexy legs together causing beautiful emphasis on Dior's fleshy undercarriage. They slide into side mount and Dior commands to be choked while DREDD continues to churn. They move to missionary and the empress demands still more hands on her throat while DREDD joyfully penetrates her hairy twat. Dior drops to her knees and sucks off DREDD until he drizzles cum into her hungry mouth. She performs a couple gurgles and delivers a mischievous sexy grin...
Models: Gianna Dior Dredd