Future Darkly: The Love Hotel

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Description: THE LOVE HOTEL
SCENE opens on a dark bathroom. From a birds-eye angle over the tub, the lights in the room turn on as a woman known only as unit #30562 (Emily Willis) floats in the milky bath water. She opens her eyes, calmly getting out of the tub and drying herself off. She has a perfectly proportioned body. She walks over to a large mirror and, pressing her fingertips in the lower right corner, causes the mirror to illuminate before it turns into a smart screen. A message pops up, thanking unit #30562 for signing in. 'Are you ready for your next shift?' The mirror asks in a soft female voice. #30562 says yes and the screen loads her itinerary for the evening. It explains that her first guest will be a returning client: John Doe, 57 years old, solar sales manager, 6'0'' tall, 165 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. His kinks include school girls, anal sex, ass worship, rimming, ATM. Past crypto tips include 8000 tokens: extra rough, 10000 tokens: novelty take home, and 500 tokens: kissing on the mouth. Accept client? 'Accepted,' says #30562. As the smart screen processes the order and a confirmation appears, the door buzzes. 


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