No Plumber? No Problem!

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Description: Max Fills is walking by the bathroom one day when he notices his stepmom, Cory Chase, doing something on all fours with a toolbox near her. It turns out that there's a plumbing issue in the bathroom and since there aren't any plumbers available to come and fix it, Cory's decided to roll up her sleeves and solve the problem herself. How hard can it be, right? No plumber? No problem!
Max, however, doesn't share his stepmom's confidence... Shouldn't she just wait for an actual professional to do this? What if she does something wrong and makes the issue worse? But Cory is determined to fix the problem herself and shoos her stepson away, assuring him that she has everything under control. Max shrugs, deciding to leave her be.
But when one of the pipes bursts, Max reenters the bathroom to find his stepson totally DRENCHED and close to tears, moaning about how Max was right- she SHOULD have waited for a plumber. And now she's all WET! Max is quick to comfort her, helping her get out of her wet clothes and towel her off. As this happens, however, Cory and Max can't help but feel some forbidden feelings for each other. Before long, Cory and Max can resist each other no longer and come together for sensual, wet sex on the bathroom floor.
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