Make Every Moment Count

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Description: SCENE OPENS to Patrick (Ryan McLane) leading Felicia (Lulu Chu) into a bedroom. Felicia looks stressed, though sighs with relief once they are in the room with the door closed behind her. She thanks Patrick for rescuing her from the stress of the wake that is taking place in the house.
Felicia's single parent passed away. Patrick is a family friend watching out for her during this difficult time. As Patrick comforts Felicia, assuring her that she's not alone in this, Felicia begins to look at him adoringly.
Patrick gets a bit embarrassed under her adoring look. He starts to leave, wanting to give Felicia some peace and quiet, but Felicia grabs his arm, asking him to stay. She doesn't want to be alone right now. Patrick relaxes and sits with Felicia, telling her that, sure, he'll sit with her a while. Felicia seems relieved and pleased, sidling a little closer to him and tentatively resting her head on his shoulder. It seems innocent enough, like she just wants to be close for human contact, so Patrick quietly allows it.
Patrick shares fond memories of Felicia's parent. There are hints from Felicia that her relationship with him wasn't great. There are also hints of her coming onto Patrick as she caresses Patrick's leg, letting her hand wander a bit.
Patrick starts to notice she's touching him more and is uncomfortable but he's still quiet and polite, not wanting to cause a scene. When he tries to excuse himself, and starts to get up to leave, Felicia momentarily panics, as if quickly coming up with a plan on the spot. She suddenly hugs him tight. She fakes having a bit of a breakdown, asking him to stay with her the night since it's her first night in the house alone.
As Felicia makes the request, she bites her bottom lip a little while caressing him even more.
Patrick becomes increasingly uncomfortable, insisting that he can't stay because it's inappropriate. He suggests she gets someone else to stay with her instead. Felicia accidentally comes on a bit too strong, getting panicky as she insists that it 'has to be YOU!!'
Patrick is shocked, still trying to set boundaries, though Felicia continues on even more strongly. Felicia creepily reveals that she's had a crush on him for YEARS. With them being next-door neighbors, it was easy for her to WATCH him when he was working around the yard.
Patrick is stunned, wordless.
Felicia becomes even more hungry as she talks about watching him use his pool. She goes into great detail about how hot he is when he's half-naked and wet... and how much she admires the bulge in his swim trunks.
It's only a matter of time before Patrick gives in to temptation, but can he handle the consequences of his actions?
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