New House Same Stuck Step-Mom (Stuck To The Bed)

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Description: We just moved to a new house and my step-mom, Cory, is hoping that she won't get stuck in the furniture at this house like she did at the old house! She is making my new bed, and she ends up getting her hands stuck under the mattress while she was putting the sheet on. "Oh no! Not again! I can't believe that both of my hands are stuck!" she cries out. I walk in to my new bedroom and I am shocked to find that she is stuck again in this brand new bed! "Can you please help me out?!" she asks me. I lift her purple robe off and now she is completely naked, but still stuck! I get behind her and I decide to take advantage of this situation... I pull my hard cock out and I shove it inside of her pussy and I start to fuck her. "I'm just trying to get you unstuck!" I exclaim. I have an even better idea now! I take my cock and I shove it inside of her ass next. "You're fucking your mother's ass! This is wrong!" she exclaims. I remind her that I'm trying to help her get unstuck! I keep fucking her ass until her arms become free! "Now that you're unstuck, why don't you make me a sandwich?" I ask her.
Models: Cory Chase