Whitney Wright Goes Bonkers For Dredd's BBC

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Whitney Wright Goes Bonkers For Dredd's Cock Balls Deep In her Ass 

Green-eyed lovely Whitney Wright takes on the mighty DREDD and wins in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Wearing extra-hot pink lingerie and matching pumps, Whitney Wright comes out from behind a door. We hear Jules Jordan’s approval with a “That’s the target right there”. The small framed allurer shows off her bulbous ass when DREDD saunters into frame, planting his face into her backside. He worships what’s before him then they move to the bed behind them. Jules says “You look like a little pet waiting for a treat”. “I am waiting for a treat” the smiling Whitney exclaims. DREDD unleashes his “cock cane” and Whitney treats it like sugar. Only she says “I can’t fit my mouth around it”. She does her best then fists her own face to embrace the gagging to come… The tiny starlet does an honest, admirable job sucking the dick dragon. Swallowing half of the meat monster. Whitney Wright moves into doggie without an ounce of hesitation. DREDD guides his cock into her petite hole, then pumps. Whitney says “I love how it fills up every inch of my pussy”. An amazing sexual display to be sure. The couple move to a large round daybed. The stunning Wright still clad in her nylons and high heels. She points them to the sky, bending her knees, a dazzling visual for DREDD to exploit. He proclaims “I’m going to use both holes!”. When he switches to Whitney Wright’s asshole it causes her eyeball to tweak. The filthy princess pulls off some ass-to -mouth before moving to cowgirl. The ride is almost unfathomable because of the size discrepancy. The dick dissonance doesn’t stop there. Reverse-cowgirl with Wright yelling “more, more, more…”. The scene winds down but not without one more jilted visual. Whitney Wright’s ass being stuffed in doggy. Her backside turning in on itself from the ramming. The hard working duo end things with Whitney Wright chowing down on DREDD’s protein. Stringing it along and saying “I fucking love it” with a huge smile…