Blackmailed Boy-Toy

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Description: Jill is a sex-crazed Goddess who has been hearing her roommate get non-stop orgasmic action with her best friend's boyfriend. It's time for Jill to get a piece of this boy-toys action and makes him a proposal he can't refuse. Become her obedient pussy licking bitch or his girlfriend finds out about what a cheating, lying scum he has become. Pierce begs and pleads for Jill to not tell his girlfriend and agrees to do anything she asks to keep his secret. Jill grabs him by the hair, forces him to his knees and shoves his head deep in her pussy to make her orgasm as many times as she desires. To make sure the bitch boy keeps coming back Jill snaps a few photos of his face buried deep in her young, tight cunt. He is now her pussy whipped boy-toy for life!
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Models: Jill Kassidy