Pool Boy's Revenge

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Description: Kenzie Anne is a well-to-do woman who loves to live in the lap of luxury. She’s the type of woman who gets what she wants no matter what, and when she finds something she can’t have, it makes her want it more. This is the case with Johnny The Pool Boy. She has watched him clean her pool and fantasized about him doing dirty things to her. She’s tried to get his attention so many times, but Johnny keeps it professional and ignores all of her attempts. Today Kenzie tries a new tactic. She’ll sun bathe with her tits out while he’s cleaning the pool. Johnny takes notice all right, but Johnny ignores her still, which makes her mad, so she throws him out. Kenzie enjoys having that power over him. She rubs her pussy in the shower to the thought of him taking control of her, and having his way. The lines between reality and fantasy blur quickly as Johnny comes back in and gives her a piece of his mind. She gets on her knees and he face-fucks her in the shower. She gets bent over and fucked from behind. He ties her up to a chair and then a metal railing. He fucks her hard while mascara runs down her face. He uses her holes to satisfy his own personal desires and shows her who’s really in control.
Models: Kenzie Anne