Vibrations 2 Cristal Caitlin

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Description: Cristal Caitlin, a stunning Czech babe with long blonde hair and blue eyes, is in her bathroom, dressed in black-lace lingerie, fishnet stockings and garters. We see her run a caressing hand over the shaft of a safety razor. Pouting her lips as she checks herself out in the mirror, she removes her bra and massages her small, beautiful breasts and nipples with pink-nailed fingers. Next, she takes off her panties and perches on the edge of the tub, splay-legged, hands moving over her body and homing in on her crotch. Her pussy is slightly stubbled but full-lipped and moist and she splays it to reveal a prominent, swollen clit twitching with anticipation. She turns on the bathtub faucet, wetting her skin and washing herself down, then sits up on the edge of the tub again, thighs wide open. Next, she applies thick foam to her mound and outer lips and takes the razor – which turns out to be the vibrating variety. She sucks on the handle, then uses it to tease her clit a little before getting down to the business of giving her mound and pussy a close shave. Slowly and carefully, she runs the razor over her skin, her pleasure increasing and her body quivering with each stroke. When she’s done, and she has rinsed away the last of the creamy white foam, she continues to use the handle as a vibrator, playing it over her clit and plunging it in and out of her now-hairless pussy. As she buries it deep and stretches her lips wide, we are treated to a close-up of her snatch pulsing with pleasure. At last, she brings herself to an intense orgasm and, after dropping the razor into the tub, she continues to savor the smooth feel of her crotch. Finally, she slides back down into the tub and relaxes, enjoying the caress of the water and her own hands…
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