Uncle Tickles Makes Niece Squirt for Xmas

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Description: I know my niece is getting older but this time of year always reminds me of all the memories we have together, when Arietta was younger she would always call me her favorite uncle, we even had a game we would play. Tickle monster, I would basically tickle her till she turned beat red. Well, things have changed I can not even get her to lift her head from her phone, I threaten her if she doesn't start putting down the phone the tickle monster will return. Girls her age live on their phones so of course, she did not put it down, the tickle monster has returned I chase her to the couch and tickle her. I must have tickled her too much, the next thing I know she is squirting out of her leggings. At first, we are both in total shock... but we are both adults... no reason to be weird. This isn't the first time I made a girl squirt, I can tell my niece is really turned on now. Arietta tells me no one is home and she wants me to tickle her under her pants, I know exactly where she is going with this and I think I am ready to fuck my Neice. I can not think of a better way to spend the holidays with my family.
Models: Arietta Adams