Pink Triangle pt. 1

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Description: Stephanie (Sarah Vandella) is cleaning up the house and calling out to her step-daughter, Julia (Jade Baker). "You're going to miss the bus," Stephanie tells Julia as Julia lazily looks through her purse. "I can't find my bus pass.. Why can't I just stay home? I'll be as quiet as a mouse!" Stephanie can not have Julia in the house when her date arrives! She pushes Julia out the door. Julia walks down the driveway as her best friend, Kylie (Whitney Wright) is walking up. Julia wonders why her friend is coming to her house, unannounced, and wearing a pretty dress. Kylie claims that she's going to church later, and is just here to see if she can borrow Julia's red dress for another time. Julia offers to bring her in the house since her mom is in 'such' a mood, but Kylie insists that Julia should go catch the bus, she'll be fine talking to Stephanie. Julia asks, "Did I mention that I was catching the bus? Kylie's heart races as she scrambles for a lie, "yes, you must've!" Whitney hurries past her friend and watches to be certain that Julia is out of the picture.
When Stephanie opens the door she ushers Kylie in and slams the door behind her. She's been dreaming about putting her hands on young Kylie's body all day long, and now she finally has her. Kylie and Stephanie kiss passionately but Kylie gently pushes her away. "I want to tell her about us," Kylie says. Stephanie assures Kylie that it's not the right time. Kylie is insecure, she's just an 18 year old and she thinks that Stephanie is ashamed to be with her. Stephanie assures her she's not at all ashamed, as she removes Kylie's top slowly, inch-by-inch of Kylie's perfect porcelain skin is revealed. Stephanie needs to taste every inch of her. Watch the story unfold..
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