I'm Such A Klutz!

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Description: It's Alison Rey's first day on the job as a barista and she's not doing so great. She's practically shaking with nerves when her first customer, Evelyn Claire, enters and asks for an iced coffee. She stumbles over herself as she gets the order ready but then does the unthinkable: accidentally pouring iced coffee all over Evelyn's shirt!
Evelyn is stunned but also amused as Alison panics, trying to remedy the situation. This leads to Alison literally offering the shirt off her back as she strips Evelyn down. She won't have Evelyn leaving the cafe with a giant coffee stain on her blouse! Although Evelyn's stunned, Alison is so cute that she goes along with it. Of course, this gives Evelyn a mischievous idea as she insists that she's not yet completely satisfied... However, there IS something else Alison can do to win her over.
Although the coffee was ice cold, things become scorching hot between them as Alison gets down on her knees and eagerly eats out Evelyn's pussy. But this is just the beginning! The customer's always right and she wants Evelyn to leave nothing but glowing reviews about her customer service!