Sexy Female Leprechaun Evelyn Claire

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Sexy Female Leprechaun Evelyn Claire Gives a Magical Handjob 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Strokies Fans! ???????? We proudly present a very special St. Patrick's Day edition of Strokies, featuring an Evelyn Claire handjob that'll really tickle your lucky charms! When our Strokies guy finds a trail of gold coins, he finds a sexy female leprechaun munching on her favorite cereal complete with all a leprechaun needs to grow a well developed bosom and booty! That's right, it's got pink hearts????, shooting stars ⭐, magical horseshoes ????, four leaf clovers ????, glowing moons ????, prancing unicorns ????, shining rainbows ????, and red balloons ????! No wonder she's so well developed! Mmm, with a body like that, our guy is gonna have no choice but to ask her to shamrock shake that booty for the Strokies camera!
The very sexy but reluctant leprechaun agrees to grant our guy one wish, and as he's eternally craving handjobs, he can't resist using his wish to get a magical double stroking twist from this lusty lady in green! She reveals that she's not wearing any underwear, showing off her pink pussy lips and tiny bush, spinning around to show off that leprechaun booty! Her perky titties are so perfect with those magical gold coin nipples! They take things to the bedroom to get sufficiently nasty without any prying eyes to bother them, and her magic touch makes our guy grow! She lubes and twists and works him good, rubbing the lube on her tits and even riding his thigh. She masturbates while jerking him, spanking her own pussy and playing with his precum. She gets her perfect little leprechaun pussy covered with white sticky cum, and needless to say, they both have a very happy St. Paddy's Day! ????
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