Bikini Dream

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Description: Gorgeous Latina brunette Gianna Dior paddles in the ocean, as Bo Llanberris’ erotic movie "Bikini Dream" begins. Heading back to her beachfront house, she stretches out on the bed, her hands exploring her beautiful body. She’s joined by Jay Romero, who kisses her passionately and caresses her perfect breasts as she grinds against him. Jay sucks Gianna’s toes and then her stiff nipples, getting her very aroused before tugging aside her bikini panties to reveal the neat bush that crowns her plump pussy lips, and spreading them with his tongue. Unzipping his jeans, Gianna takes Jay’s rigid cock in her mouth and gives him an avid blowjob, bobbing her head to take it deep. He penetrates her doggy style and she rocks her perfect ass back to meet his thrusts eagerly; after sucking him some more, she straddles him in cowgirl and rides energetically, their bodies slamming together. They switch to spoons and Jay fucks Gianna to an intense orgasm before cumming over her silky skin.
Models: Gianna Dior