Shocking Family Spycam Stories

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Description: I can't fucking believe it! Okay, so I know this isn't going to paint me in the BEST light but just hear me out.
I'm just gonna come straight out and say it: my step-mom and step-sister are hot. Any red-blooded man can see that. My dad made a VERY good choice with marrying Chanel because, boy, I'd love to have a piece of her and her daughter, Sabina. Of course I'd never actually ACT on it, since we're family and all, but sometimes I get a bit lonely and wish I could get closer to them...
I know it's kinda scummy but I have to admit that I have a video or three of them doing their thing... getting dressed and showing off their sexy asses, stuff like that. I set up hidden cameras in their rooms sometimes and, so far, it doesn't seem like they notice. It's just that I don't know how else to be close to them without being a COMPLETE perv, you know? So I figure a little spying to satisfy the urges wouldn't hurt...
But what I caught on tape the last time I set up a camera in my mom's room just... it blows my mind. It STILL does, so I HAVE to share it so that you can all go 'WTF' with me.
This hidden camera video shows my mom lounging around in her bedroom... and then my bud, Michael, walking in. At first, I was SO CONFUSED. Why the fuck was Michael visiting my mom?? I got the answer fast enough when my mom slyly pushed Michael onto the bed and started sucking his cock.
I know we all like to JOKE that we'd fuck each other's mom but, Michael, my dude, did you REALLY have to fuck MY mom?! Why do YOU get her and I DON'T??
Models: Chanel Preston