Class Distraction

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Description: Emma Hix, a student, goes to visit her teacher John Legendary after class. She needs a little help with her schoolwork- no matter how hard she tries to stay focused, she always gets distracted! In fact, the object of her distraction just happens to be John. She just can’t ignore his charm and good looks during his lectures.
John offers to help Emma study, but as they go over the materials together, they can’t help but feel drawn to each other’s presence. Emma’s hand finds its way to John’s muscular shoulder and down to his shirt buttons. He says he’s not used to this sort of treatment from a student, but then again, maybe he’s got a few things to learn himself.
Before long, their lips touch and their tongues collide together in a sensual kiss. They tear their clothes off, tossing their learning materials aside for a different sort of activity. Though Emma did come to John looking for tips, she’s about to get one massive tip that she’s sure to enjoy.
Models: Emma Hix