The Yes List - Swap Etiquette

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Description: Kenna James is in the bathroom getting ready for her first threesome, though she's a little nervous. Does bringing in a third to join her and her husband, Isiah Maxwell, mean that there's something wrong with their marriage?
Meanwhile, Isiah is eager as he invites their friend, Oliver Flynn, into their home. There's nervous but excited energy between them as Isiah makes sure Oliver is comfortable before heading off to the bathroom to check on Kenna.
That's when he sees how nervous Kenna is and gently encourages her to open up to him. Kenna admits that she's worried that having a threesome means that they're trying to save their marriage somehow. Isiah is warm as he promises that their marriage doesn't NEED saving -- this is just for a bit of fun. It's for all THREE of them to have fun, so if ANY of them are uncomfortable, then he's cool with all three of them just kicking back and hanging out.
With her mind put at ease, Kenna decides she wants to go ahead with the threesome, grasping Isiah's hand as they leave the bathroom to join their friend.
The sexual tension between the three of them builds as they feel out what each of them is looking for from the experience. They share what turns them on and what they'd each like to try, which only serves to get everyone even more amped for what's to come.
Finally, with everyone's mind put at ease, it's time to just dive in and have the erotic experience of a lifetime.