Diary Of A Madman S2 E3

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Diary Of A Madman S2 E3: A Turn For The Worse 

Casey has tried to stay strong, but things are not improving no matter how much she tries. He is a very disturbed man, a madman if you will, and he is deep in his own psyche. His delusions are something only he understands, and they make it more difficult for Casey as the days go on. He seems confused at times, but the one thing that holds true is that she belongs to him now. Casey is a captive in her own home, and it seems that she is the only one that realizes this. He slides in and out of reality and his psyche breaks as easy as changing clothes. Casey won’t give up. She can’t give up. He can’t win. 


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Diary Of A Madman S2 E3  
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