Mirror Seduction

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Description: Hot Russian babe Jia Lissa enters her living room. She’s dressed in a plain black catsuit and platform-soled sandals, with her mane of long red hair worn loose. As she checks herself out in the mirrored door of a tall closet, she unzips the top of her catsuit to reveal a kinky black leather harness – a network of straps that leaves her small, perfect breasts bare. She plays with her stiff pink nipples, tugging, tweaking and rolling them between her fingers. Next, she performs a slow, seductive striptease, gyrating her hips as she peels down the catsuit to reveal her round peach of an ass. She runs her fingers over her cheeks, splaying them slightly to allow a quick glimpse of her pussy and asshole. On her lower half, she’s wearing a strappy leather “garter belt” that matches the harness. It circles her waist and thighs, framing her butt and pussy while leaving them naked. She unbuckles and removes her shoes and takes the catsuit all the way off, then kneels on a couch near the mirror, gazing at her reflection as she caresses the straps and her own beautiful body. She sprawls back, thighs splayed, grinding her hips again as she flaunts her trimmed pussy – lips shaved with a neat landing strip of red pubes on her mound. Her pink is already juiced up and swollen, and Jia becomes even more excited as she strokes her slit, then pumps two fingers in and out of her snatch, hard and fast. Turning on her side, she raises one leg up on the back of the couch, flaunting her asshole with one hand teasing her crack as the other fingerbangs her pussy. Moaning, she slows things down, not wanting to cum too quickly, fingertips circling over her clit. Then she lies back, legs pulled up and bent at the knees with her toes pointed. As one hand grips her foot, the other works frenziedly at her crotch, and this time she doesn’t hold back – ass bucking against the couch, she cums hard, her body twitching and trembling. As she enjoys the afterglow, she strokes the straps, gripping them like reins, then ruffles her red pubes before standing up and strutting away from the couch.
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