Good Sluts Deserve Treats

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You just can't help yourself can you? You need my direction, you need to please me. I want you to watch me very closely and do everything I tell you to as I know you can follow orders like a good boy. I bet your cock is already leaking in your pants just looking at me in my skin-tight rubber attire. Now take off your pants and bend over to show me that greedy hole that needs to be fucked and filled. You have been such a good slut waiting for me to tell you just how you need to fuck your ass for me. I want you to pick out your biggest toy for me. Something extra thick that will show just how devoted you are to being my proud anal whore. I want you to fill your ass up the way your cock could never fill me up. You dream about my big strap-on stuffing your holes as you are bent over pushing your ass back into me. Such a good whore opening up that hole with your cock even harder now. This just proves you love swallowing big dick just as much as id hope. Don't stop fucking your toy as I want you to begin stroking your cock with that deep inside. You aren't allowed to cum until you are drooling with pleasure from that toy shoved as far as it can go. Now fuck it just like I show you as you get closer and closer to the edge of cumming. Get ready to blow that slutty load all over your body as I have a special treat in store for my good boy. Keep pumping, keep fucking and keep stroking as you get ready to open that mouth wide for a sticky present to slide deep inside...
Models: Maya Kendrick