Neon Moonlight pt. 1

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Description: Alexis Fawx married into what she thought would be her dream family. Quinton James and his eighteen year old son, Alex Jett, love her, and she would do anything to keep them safe and comfortable.. even if it means getting a secret second job as a stripper. There is tension between Quinton and his new wife, money is tight and Quinton doesn't see the point in working more hours just to give his ex-wife more alimony. He sees the tension in his new wife and pulls her close, "you can't go to work angry with me." Quinton and Alexis make love before Alexis goes to work.
Alexis is dancing on the stage during a slow night at the club. She doesn't see her stepson in the shadows, and he doesn't recognize her because she wears a bright pink wig. He is mesmerized by her and his friends arrange a lapdance with her.
Alexis doesn't normally do professional lapdances, but her best friend at the club, Sarah Vandella convinces her she needs to do them since that's where the big money is. Alexis confides in her friend, "I get too turned on when I grind on their laps. I can feel the length and girth of their penis and it feels so good, it makes me so wet that I orgasm and make a mess on their pants." Sarah tells her it sounds like she is squirting! She advises her sweet friend not to grind on their laps when she dances. Alexis agrees and goes to meet the mystery man who bought a private dance with her. Her heart sinks when she sees her stepson waiting for her. She must dance for him, if she doesn't her boss may fire her. She begins to sway her hips from left to right, she takes off her clothing as her stepson looks at her in awe.
Models: Alexis Fawx