Crush on Stepmother

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Description: You have a crush on your stepmother. She is a complete blonde bombshell, and lately you've been spying on her all the time. When she's undressing, you hide behind the door frame to her bedroom to watch her strip off her work clothes, her stockings, her panties. When she's showering, you sneak peeks through the cracks in the bathroom door & watch the hot water splash off her perfect body. You even snuck into the bedroom while she & your father were having sex. She drives you crazy.
Today after you saw her in the shower you couldn't help but jerk off. She comes into the living room & catches you. You try to hide it, but she tells you not to hide. It's natural for you to be turned on by her. She immediately takes off her robe & pulls off your underwear. She's a good stepmom & she's going to take care of you. Stepmom Alexis settles herself between your legs & starts sucking your cock to relieve all of your sexual tension.
She's clearly hungry for dick & hasn't gotten enough, so rides you. "Do you like watching mommy's tits bounce?" She seems to be full of sexual tension herself, the way she milks that cock. "Give it to your mommy," she says between moans. Even when you cum inside her, she is sweet to you. "You couldn't help it. Just don't tell your father & this will be our little secret."
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