My Caged Cuck

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Description: You have fallen deep into a state of slavery as your life is completely controlled by the young Mistress Emily Willis now. You are kept locked in your cage just like your cock is kept locked away in chastity as your Mistress demands. Not like you have any say in the matter so you better get used to a life filled with locks and cages as that is where you will spend. Mistress Emily is heading out for the evening to go get fucked by lots of big cocks while you remain locked up tight as her good-boy cuckold. She is a very slutty Mistress and just can't get enough dick as she teases you with the thought of being by her side while real men have their way with her. Just because you are in a cage doesn't mean she won't tease the hell out of you and your locked cock making you wish you were worthy enough to fuck her. Luckily you are her favorite cuckold and she is going to grace you with her cum-filled pussy to lick and clean up when she gets home. Isn't that what you have always dreamed of? To be kept in a cage and forced to lick her creampied pussy while your cock remains locked away in chastity?? Of course it slut! Now show your Mistress your sissy pink chastity so she can tease and deny that horny cock of yours...
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Models: Emily Willis