The Sexy Teacher

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Description: One of my students was watching porn on his phone during class. It really disturbed me. The principal suggested to pay a visit to his parents. I called his mother and set up an appointment and consequently showed up at their house for the meeting. It was a nice house in Hollywood Hills. I expected her to welcome me but when the door opened it was her handsome husband. He was very nice so we sat down in the living room. When he learned what his son was doing in class he wasn't as embarrassed as I expected. Although he agreed that his son's behavior is clearly inappropriate, he didn’t seem to have much appropriate behavior either since he was hitting on me. Well, it may have been improper but it was also a turn on. And I did dress pretty sexy as usual, making sure my skirt’s short enough to show off my long legs in my red heels. He just kept complimenting me and he’s so handsome that I gave in. He started by kissing and licking my legs and feet. It was weird but I liked it. Then he ate me out and slid his big cock inside my wet pussy. It was amazing. I gave him a sexy footjob and he made me cum by fucking me and sucking on my toes at the same time. Wow! I hadn’t had such a good sex in a long time!
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