Her Guilty Secret

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Description: Sara (Bella Blu) is talking with her parent, Sadie (Kenzie Taylor). They're awaiting the arrival of Sara's boyfriend, who Sara has been dating for a few weeks. This will be Sadie's first time meeting the boyfriend, although Sara says she's already told him that Sadie is a prison warden - in fact, he's been making jokes about what it would be like to have a prison warden for an in-law.
When the boyfriend arrives, Sadie answers the door and is stunned to see that the boyfriend is Vince (Johnny Goodluck), a man she apparently knows. They both hide this fact from Sara. As the three of them have dinner, Vince uses innuendo to hint that he's an ex-convict. This seems to unnerve Sadie, but Sara remains unaware of what's being hinted at. Sadie tries to suggest that Vince isn't right for Sara.
Thinking that Sadie is just being overprotective, Sara protests and tries to defend Vince, but Vince remains oddly calm. Sara gets upset and leaves the room. Now that they're alone, Sadie confronts Vince. It is revealed that Vince used to be an inmate in Sadie's prison, and she misused her position to have a one-night stand with him. She felt so guilty that she had him transferred to another prison afterwards, and she accusingly asks if now he's targeting Sara as revenge.
However, Vince explains that he's not here for revenge, but to be with Sadie again. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, and became Sara's boyfriend because he thought that was the best way to get in the door and talk to Sadie. Vince promises that if Sadie will be with him again, he'll stop dating Sara. Sadie is stunned, but Sara returns before she can reply. The dinner resumes, and Vince talks about taking his relationship with Sara to the next level, to get Sadie to give him an answer. Sadie realizes what will happen if she doesn't intervene, so she uses her foot to suggestively touch Vince under the table, to express that she'll give him what he wants. Sadie and Vince then make an excuse to leave Sara and go to another room. Once they're alone in the other room, Vince starts to say something, but Sadie says he got what he wants, so he should just fuck her already.
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