Silvia Saige

  • Country: United States
  • City: N/A
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
  • Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
Growing up in a Midwestern small town, Silvia Saige had a relatively normal upbringing. After high school, Saige attended school and got a degree to work in the medical field, where she worked as an x-ray technician and in chiropractic offices for 8 years. After growing tired of the 8-5 grind, Saige began experimenting with stand-up comedy and found an unexpected passion in performing. After performing in the Midwest, Saige decided to relocate to LA to get her comedy career off the ground. While in LA, Saige's friend Kylie Kalvetti began performing in adult films. When Kalvetti convinced Saige of how fun the adult industry is, Saige decided to see for herself.

After joining the same modeling agency as her friend, Silvia Saige filmed her first scene and was surprised at how structured filming a sex scene is. Saige joined the industry at 30 years old, but unlike many of her contemporaries in the same age group, her performances aren't limited to MILF-only roles. Saige is a big fan of exhibitionism in her private life and hopes to film a public sex scene at some point in her career. She hopes to one day host the AVN awards, and eventually end up on the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Star Quotes
"I'm a big gambler so my ultimate fantasy is me wearing a very sexy dress with no panties and sitting at a blackjack table. The guy gets frisky under the table to the point where we have to leave. We go to the elevator and start going at it. People get on and we have to stop. Then we go again. Once we get to the room, he throws me up against the wall. I'm all about the raw emotion of sex. I love the 'can't wait until you get inside' moment in sex. That's why I'm not a big one-night stand person, the emotions of sex get me off."