Did You Post My Feet Pictures?

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Description: My boyfriend's son, Lucas, has been living with us. One day I came home, right after having my manicure and pedicure done, to Lucas hanging out in the living room. So we had a little chat. Soon afterward I went upstairs, took a shower, and later hung out by the pool. As I was browsing my social media, I noticed a post from Lucas' account that was gaining a lot of likes. To my surprise it was some pictures he posted of my feet! Since I had my pedicure done just a few hours ago, it was obvious that it was my feet and him who made the pics! So I called him on it. He denied it at first but the evidence was so obvious, he knew he needed to admit it. I was going to tell his dad but he begged me not to. “So are you into my feet?” I asked. He said yes because I have the sexiest feet he has ever seen. Well that was very flattering, so I asked him what does he like about my feet. He said, “I like your beautiful toes, your high arches, and your soft soles.” As he described my feet I raised them in front of his face, so he can look at them the way he’s always wanted to. You can taste it if you want, I told him. His eyes went wide and he slowly put my toes in his mouth. He licked in between my toes and worshiped my beautiful feet. All the while my pussy was getting soaking wet seeing this young stud going crazy for my feet and toes. I spread my legs and told him to eat my pussy. He did such a good job eating my juicy pussy while massaging my feet at the same time. Then he slid his hard cock into my slutty pussy. When he took it out it was so slippery from my juices, he placed it between my soles for a hot slippery feet fuck. He bent me over and fucked me from behind with my soles up. And when I rode his big dick, I arched my sexy feet onto his legs. Then I gave him the best and sluttiest footjob handjob combo, which made him bust his thick load all over my sexy feet and toes. I didn't know cum on feet feels so good. Eating cum off of my feet feels even better!