Hot Step Mom Fucked in the Ass

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Description: Hot Step Mom Fucked in the Ass While Stuck in the Oven 

Cory is making me lunch like a good Step-Mom should, but first she must clean the oven. The oven if filthy, so dirty she crawled into the oven to investigate. Being a Slut, she is barely wearing anything, but no worries. She crawls into the over and gets stuck. Nothing can free her, no matter how hard she pulls away.
I walk in to find my Step Mom Stuck. Dad has about 20 minutes till he comes home and there is his wife, my Step Mom stuck, helpless in the oven. Being a good Step Son, I grab her from behind and begin to pull. Cory is really stuck, so I pull down her shorts and see if that helps. The only thing this helps is my growing boner. She is stuck so I slip my Cock in. Cory is not telling me no, so I keep fucking...Ass to Pussy and Pussy to Ass. She really wants to get out and agrees to let me finish if I set her free. I pull at her arm and she is finally free.
I fuck her good from the front and back till I drop a huge load on her face and tongue. She swallows and then yells at me to get cleaned up. I do, just as Dad pulls into the driveway...
Models: Cory Chase