Romantic Charades pt. 3

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Description: Sarah (Kenna James) and Rocky (Kenzie Reeves) are almost completely dressed when Tania (Evelyn Claire) comes out from the next room. Tania burns with anger but tries to force a smile; how could Rocky fuck her dear friend on a first date?! What sort of woman does that? The three women in the house: Debbie (Aidra Fox), Sarah, and Rocky, are speaking about playing a game of charades. Sarah senses her friend's anger and tries to call it a night, but the Debbie and Rocky are all-too eager to play. Debbie exclaims, "the party's just getting started!"
The game begins and Tania is coming face to face with a strange new emotion, jealousy. The feeling that Rocky could be taking away her dear friend burns her with a fiery rage. The feeling is mixed with confusion, and indifference to her own fiancé, something must be done about it. A strong desire to end her suffering compels her to yell at Rocky, "get out!" Rocky refuses to leave until Tania admits what she claims that everyone in the room already know-- Tania and Sarah are in love with each other. Sarah shamefully admits it's true, and promises to Debbie that she never acted on it. Debbie demands to know if Tania is, in fact, in love with Sarah. Tania can not deny it, this game of charades must end. Tania and Sarah are meant to be together.
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