One Man's Trash

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SCENE OPENS on a married couple, John (Tommy Pistol) and Holly (Ryan Keely), entering the living room. They each have cardboard boxes in their hands and set them down on the floor, breathing heavily with exertion. There are several cardboard boxes around them. They have just finished moving into their new house. As they celebrate, they naturally fall into each other's arms and are about to have sex, but Holly mentions that she wants them to wait to start a family. John takes a condom from his pocket and rips the packet open, about to put it on.
After John and Holly have sex, John throws their used condom in the trash and puts the garbage bag in a garbage can outside. Soon after, Janine (Victoria Voxxx), searches through the garbage. She rips open the garbage bag and discovers the used condom. Something glints in her eye, an idea sparking. She slips the condom into her pocket.
Months later, John is sending Holly off for a week-long business trip. As Holly leaves, Janine watches.
Later that day, Janine rings the doorbell and reveals herself to John, claiming that she is pregnant with his baby. He lets her in.
Inside, Janine explains that she impregnated herself with John's used condom two months ago. John is in complete shock as she tells him that she wants him to treat her like his wife for the week Holly is gone. John begrudgingly agrees.
For the next week, John does as Janine requested, treating her like his wife. All the while, against his better judgement, he seems to be developing feelings for her.
How long can John resist these feelings?
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