Cuckold Leftovers

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Description: No! Of course, you won't be going out on a date with me tonight slave! But what you can have is all the creampied leftovers from last night's gang bang that you could only hear while locked in the closet. You are not here to pleasure me but you are here to clean up the sticky icky mess after every time I get fucked. You are such a lucky slave to even have the chance to get this close to my pussy. Licking up all that creampie is what you are best at and what you will be kept for. Wow! I can see you like it as your cock is actually getting hard from just the thought of cleaning up all that cum. What will happen when you start licking up that mess slut? Let's find out! Start licking and start stroking cuck...I didn't say stop! xxx - Mistress Emily Willis
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Models: Emily Willis