Feet Flirting With My Boyfriend's Dad

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Description: Finally the day came when my boyfriend, Jake, was ready to introduce me to his dad. Strangely, I felt like I had already known his dad from somewhere though. As the introductory conversation progressed between the three of us, I couldn't help but keep thinking about where I might know his dad from. Suddenly it struck me, OMG! Steve Holmes the pornstar! I have masturbated so many times to his movies, of course! I love how nasty he is when he’s taking advantage of those cumsluts on the internet. So many times I masturbated to him and fantasized about him sucking and licking my toes while making me do slutty things. I got excited just by sitting so close to him. Suddenly my boyfriend's phone rang and he excused himself to step out and supposedly pick up something he forgot from a nearby store. So there I was alone with this perverted old guy. I was shy, but I asked him if he is who I think he is. He said let's find out. Of course he complimented my sexy legs and feet which made me even more excited. He asked me if he can take off my shoes so he can smell my feet. Well here we go...Steve Holmes is going to worship my slutty feet. Fuck yes. He sucked on my long toes and licked my soft soles. His smooth wet tongue on my soft bare sole gave me tingles and made my panty wet. He made me kneel in front of him and made me suck his big hard cock while I was arching my sexy dark-red pedicured feet. He made me gag and choke on his cock like a good little slut. After slobbering all over his dick and making a mess, he pulled me up and slid his hard cock into my wet slutty pussy and fucked me while I was arching my sexy feet on the chair. Then he ate my juicy pussy and fucked me on my back while sucking on my toes. My toes curled and my soles wrinkled up as I was cumming so hard from riding his big cock with my sexy feet up in the air. I gave him a slutty footjob before he pounded me from behind and then held my feet up so he can shoot his warm, old man cum all over my young sexy feet. Cum on feet looks so sexy as it drips off my toes. He made me lick his nasty old man cum off my feet too. I love how he made me his dirty foot slut. I wonder if Jake knows that his dad just fucked my feet? Maybe he set me up... ?