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Description: Mr. Salty's isn't really a place, so much as it is a state of mind, but if it had to be compared to an earthly realm, it would probably look a lot like Las Vegas. Both are places of pleasure, fantasy, and reckless abandon. Salty's latest prey is comely Gia Dimarco, a knockout who's been around, but hasn't experienced anything quite like a trip into Salty's world. As she is driven around town, snapping naughty snaps of her naughty bits, she comes upon a mysterious doorway she can't help but explore. She climbs the dark stairway up toward the faint moaning sounds that get louder as she reaches the top of the stairs. Gia is beckoned down a shadowy hallway by a stable of studs hanging out in the doorways as she passes. From the ever-loudening groans of pleasure she can now clearly hear, Gia knows full well what is going on in these pitch black rooms-- the most sordid, sleazy, lusty, sweaty sex imaginable. Suddenly Gia yearns to be a part of it as she circles the stage at the center of the backroom. She has become the center of attention for the shadowy strangers surrounding her as she teases them before taking center stage. Bored with just taking pictures between her thighs, Salty's decadent atmosphere has made Gia want to show these mysterious men the real thing. She begins a sensual striptease before one of the male subjects of Salty's club approaches her and vibes her to a point of ecstasy never before experienced by Gia in the normal world. Overcome with passion, she can't help but pull out his throbbing cock and stroke it. Felling it pulse in her hand isn't enough. She had to have it in her mouth, but in Salty's world, one is never enough. Gia quickly finds herself surrounded by cocks and feels a burning need to suck them all! One after another, they thrust in and out of her mouth as Gia bobs between a sea of stiff poles surrounding her. Struggling to stay afloat, Gia is escorted to a bench where she lays on her back. No trying to catch her breath, though, because she gets throat-fucked upside-down like never before. Her suitors line up to use her windpipe as a cock sleeve for their own pleasure. Little do they know, however, that Gia is enjoying it even more than they are. After getting her throat fucked open wider than the Grand Canyon, Gia gets back on her knees and gets ready for a waterfall of cum to rain down on her face. Three, four, five, six...Gia loses count of the number of cumshots cascading down her face and onto her ample chest. Slowly her gentlemen fall away, leaving Gia a cream-covered mess all alone in Mr. Salty's lair. Sexually liberated by her experience there, Gia doesn't feel the need to clean up before heading back out to her regular life. She parades back out onto the street, glazed with the dried nectar of her nameless partners in lust. Anywhere else, this might be considered unusual behavior, but in Salty's world, everyone can be free to flaunt their kink proudly. Gia steps back into her car and snaps a few photos of her cum-soaked face before the memory of what happened at Mr. Salty's fades. She is driven off into the distance, knowing one day she will return to this place where darkest dreams become reality...
Models: Gia Dimarco