Fly - Lucy Li & Kristof Cale

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Description: Unfinished drinks from the previous night sit on the bedside table. A couple, asleep in a well-rumpled bed, are awakened by a ringing phone. Still groggy, he takes the call while she pads around the room getting dressed to leave. But before she can retrieve her panties he pleads and cajoles — with little resistance, she agrees to stay. She is Lucy Li, black-haired, cream-skinned, voluptuous, and beautifully busty. He is Kristof Cale, cool, confident, and eager to pick up where the lovers left off the previous night. Li is no less eager, and she relishes the task of sucking Cale to throbbing stiffness. She then straddles his face and plants her pussy on his mouth. Both suitably primed, the tryst proceeds at the relaxed, unhurried pace the early hour dictates — these two performers, at ease and completely comfortable together, perfectly create the mood and tempo of "morning after" lovemaking. Andrej Lupin's "FLY" presents a romantic morning tumble — with an unexpected twist — that is a spontaneous, natural, evocative, and extremely satisfying experience.