Kenzi Gets Hired And Frosted

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Description: Many girls are afraid to open the strange door that leads to Mr. Salty's. However, once they've been through to the other side and gotten a taste of what lies within, most find they can't resist returning. Such is the case with Salty's sultry study today, Kenzie. She stumbled across that door that is hard to find, but those who want it know where to find it. It leads her to a dark, narrow staircase that climbs up to mystery. While Kenzie is a voluptuous, desirable woman, she has never been one to seek out lurid or lusty activity. That is, until she stumbled upon the door to Mr. Salty's. Things appear somewhat normal at first as Kenzie approaches the bar. Her knockout looks throw Will the bartender off as she tries to get deeper into Salty's by asking for a job. He has a certain kind of job in mind he'd love to see her demonstrate, so Will gives Kenzie the full tour of every dirty corner of every raunchy room. By the end of the tour, Kenzie starts telling her guide about all the naughty things she sees herself doing in each setting. She decides what would be even better than telling, is showing. Kenzie starts vibing herself to orgasm to make sure she lands the job. The atmosphere of Mr. Salty's is seeping into her brain, slowly taking over. As she wanders back down the hall toward the main room's bed, Kenzie entices all the guys she passes to come join her. Once she reaches the bed, she finds herself the center of attention, surrounded by a stable of studs who want to break her in to the ways of Mr. Salty's. Kenzie begins sucking them all, unintimidated by the number of hard men for her to satisfy with her mouth, more than she ever has before. Salty's thick fog of pure sex is breaking down every barrier in Kenzie's sexual arsenal. Rivers of drool fly as Kenzie salivates over the abundance of cocks sliding in and out of her willing mouth. She gets on her back so they can face-fuck her more deeply than she ever thought she could get a dick down her throat, until finally she begs them all to cum on her pretty face! Her stranger studs answer the call and coat Kenzie's face with hot, sticky cum all over. They even shoot it in her eyes, and she loves it! Kenzie leaves Mr. Salty's a gooey mess, but not before taking a sensual shower to ease her back into the regular world. Not for long, however, because Kenzie got the job. Maybe the position was more than she bargained for, because she has just become a permanent employee of Mr. Salty's.
Models: Kenzie Taylor