Romantic Charades pt. 2

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Description: Sarah (Kenna James) is left alone with Rocky (Kenzie Reeves). This is exactly what she didn't want. She had hoped to get to know Rocky in a group setting, but Tania is in the next room with her fiancé. Sarah learns that she is the opposite to Rocky. Sarah is conservative, she wants a traditional life, a wife and kids; while Kenzie is wild and free, she loves a one-night stand, and pays her bills by seducing sugar mommas. Rocky is beautiful, at least Tania was right about that. The closer Rocky moves to her, the faster Sarah's heart beats. Rocky is wild, almost feral, and she wants to devour Sarah. Sarah tries to be strong, but oh-- Rocky is so powerfully seductive. Sarah gives into her spell. Watch the story unfold..

Romantic Charades pt. 1
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