Gia Dimarco - The Devil Is Here To Take Your Soles

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Description: My fiancé's son, Jake, lives with us in our house. He obviously finds me attractive and he doesn't even bother hiding it; he’s checking me out all the time with special attention to my long legs and sexy feet. I think he’s a little freak and he doesn't even bother hiding that he has a serious foot fetish. Well I admit that I have very beautiful and sexy feet that's for sure. He’s always trying to get his hands on my pretty tattooed feet. I would be lying if I said it isn't flattering. One day it got to the point where I told him that I'd let him suck on my toes and lick my soles but only if and when he tries harder. So the next day he showed up with a bouquet of roses which was very cute but I told him that I like to fuck guys who can make me laugh. So the next day when I came home from the mall I sat down on the sofa and was browsing my phone when Jake jumped out from behind the curtain dressed like the devil in a red suit and a mask. "I'm here to take your soles" he said. I couldn't help but laugh so hard. He looked so funny plus the fact that it was pretty creative, it turned me on. I told him that he can take my heels off and smell my feet if he likes. Of course he did. I let him suck on my sexy toes and lick my soft soles. He was so into my feet it was such a turn on. I told him to take his cock out because I want to suck and gag on it and give him a sloppy blowjob. My cute red pedicured toes looked so pretty wrapped around his big hard cock as my feet slid up and down giving him a very soft and slippery footjob. It was so hot, my pussy was soaking wet and I couldn't wait to ride that big cock and feel it inside me. Afterward, he bent me over and fucked me so hard then pulled his dick out to fuck my sexy feet. I came all over his cock when he fucked me while sucking on my toes. He couldn't hold it any longer and busted his huge warm load all over my soles. Cum on soles looks so hot and sexy. I think it won’t be the last time I let him play with my feet.
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