Manhood Extractor

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Description: It's not a fun time unless Mistress Chanel's slave is crying while he is cumming. As strong as he makes himself to be he is just a weak, little sissy boy at the mercy of a powerful woman. She wants to officially make him into her perfect drone and the only way is to suck out the last manhood from his swollen balls. They will be completely shriveled up and useless once every drop has been completely sucked dry. He will have no energy, no sperm, no will, no nothing left inside of him. Mistress Chanel smothers his face with her pussy making it impossible for the bitch to be hard while the machine mercilessly does its job. No amount of begging or crying will help her slave as Mistress Chanel rides his face until he just a shell of a man is left.
Categories: Pussy Licking BDSM
Models: Chanel Preston