Mom Is Gym Stuck

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Description: My step-mom, Cory, is working out in the gym one morning when she drops something behind the weight rack. She tries to stick her arm through the weight rack but she still can't reach it. She crawls underneath the weight rack and she ends up getting stuck in there! She calls out for help and I end up coming to her rescue! She asks me to try moving the weight rack but I tell her that it's way too heavy for me to move. I try to pull her out, but I end up pulling her shorts off completely while leaving her body stuck under the rack. She asks me to give her her shorts back, but I decide to put my hard cock inside of her pussy instead! "What are you doing?! What is that?!" she gasps, as I shove my cock inside of her. "I'm trying to help you get unstuck!" I tell her. "You're just shoving me deeper underneath the weight rack," she exclaims. I decide to take advantage of the situation even further by shoving my cock inside of her ass next! "How is this helping me?!" she asks. "I don't know, but it's helping me!" I tell her. I keep fucking her ass until I end up getting her unstuck! "See! It worked!" I tell her. I ask her to lie down on the weight bench now, so I can finish off quickly. I fuck her pussy back and forth, in no particular order. When I get close to cumming, I tell my step-mom to get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face!
Models: Cory Chase