My Hot Stepmom Is Stuck (Part 1-4)

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Description: Scene One: Hot Step Mom Fucked In The Ass While Stuck Under The Bed
My step-mom is cleaning under the bed one afternoon, when she gets stuck underneath the bed! She starts to get nervous and she calls out for help! "Somebody help me! I'm stuck under the bed! Is anyone home?!" she cries out. I walk over to her and ask her what's wrong. "I'm stuck under the bed! Can you please lift the bed up?" she asks me. I try to lift it up but the latch is stuck and I can't lift the bed at all. "Why don't you have any underwear on?!" I ask her. Her pussy and ass hole are fully exposed in her tight little dress. I pretend that I am trying to help her, but I shove my cock inside of her pussy first. While I fuck her pussy, I pour lube all over her ass hole so my cock will fit nicely in there next. "It feels like I am getting even more stuck!" she yells. "I will try something different this time!" I tell her. I shove my cock inside of her pussy for a minute before I move over to her ass hole. It doesn't take long for my cock to get inside of my step-mom's ass! It slides right in, like it was meant for me! I keep fucking her ass while she tells me how this isn't helping her get out from under the bed at all! "I think it is helping though!" I tell her. I shove my cock in her pussy again and she tells me "You just stuck your dirty cock in step-mommy's pussy!" She isn't wrong, but she isn't trying to stop me either, so I continue with what I am doing! "Maybe this time it will work..." I tell her, as I shove my cock back inside of her ass. After I cum inside of her ass hole, I run out of the room. "I'm going to try and find step-dad to help you!" I tell her. My step-mom is able to slide herself out from under the couch now... I guess I did a good job after all!

Scene Two: Horny Step-Mom Stuck To The Couch and Fucked By Step-Son
My step-mom is cleaning the couch the next afternoon when she gets stuck in the couch this time! I walk in to the room and I ask her if she needs any help. "No! I don't need your help again!" she tells me. "You look stuck! And you don't have any underwear on again, step-mom!" I tell her. "Why do you have your cock out?" she asks me. "That's how I help you!" I exclaim. I shove my cock in to her pussy and I start to fuck her pussy again. "Sweetie, just stop! You don't have to do this! What you're doing is not helping me!" she tells me. I move her body a little bit so I can get a better angle before I shove my cock in her ass. "You're in step-mommy's ass again!" she exclaims. "Yeah and it's going to help you get un-stuck!" I tell her. I pull her dress off and I keep fucking her ass hole. I flip her over and I can see how hairy her pussy is! I take my cock out of her ass and I shove it in her mouth. I shove my cock in her pussy next and she tells me how this is not helping her at all! I keep fucking her ass and pussy back and forth and when I get close to cumming, my step-mom finally becomes un-stuck! I move her down to the floor and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face. She tells me that she enjoyed that and she is so glad that I helped her out since she is no longer stuck to the couch...

Scene Three: Step-Mom Is Stuck In The Dryer
My step-mom, Cory, is trying to figure out how to work the washing machine, when she accidentally gets her hand stuck inside of it! She calls out for someone to come rescue her, and I am the only one home to help! "Where is your father?! I need help!" she asks me. "Dad just left! I can try and help you though..." I tell her. "I was hoping that your father would help me!" she exclaims. I tell her that my dad won't be back for at least a week, because he is on a business trip. She can either accept my help or she can stay stuck with her hand inside of the dryer! She is wearing a silky, red bath robe with nothing underneath. I pull on her hips to try and get her out of the dryer, and her bath robe moves on top of her ass. I can see her ass and her pussy now, because she doesn't have any panties on! I decide to take advantage of the situation! I pull my hard cock out and I start to fuck her pussy. "I can't believe you're fucking your mother! You're pushing me deeper inside of the dryer! This is not helping!" she exclaims. "I have a better idea to help you get unstuck!" I tell her, as I shove my cock in her ass hole this time. "You're not helping!" she moans. "I think I am!" I tell her. I pull my cock out of her ass and watch her ass gape open wide. I pull my cock out of her ass and tell her that I will call the plumber to see if he can come help her get out... When I leave the room, she easily pulls her hand out and admits that she was faking to be stuck, just to get me to fuck her again!

Scene Four: Step-Mom Is Stuck Making The Bed
My step-mom is making the bed and her watch gets stuck in the bed again. My step-mom is such a mess, always getting her watch stuck in different pieces of furniture! She is wearing shorts and a tank top this time, but I end up pulling her shorts off when I'm trying to pull her out. She ends up admitting to me that she wants me to fuck her holes! I can't believe what I'm hearing, but I will definitely take advantage of this and fuck her like she wants me to. She lifts up her shirt and tells me to grab a hold of one of her tits and see if that will pull her out. I try, but it doesn't work! I fuck her pussy for a few minutes before I put it in her ass again. I go back and forth between fucking her pussy and her ass hole, but her hand still is stuck behind the bed! I keep fucking her pussy and ass until her arm finally gets free! When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and all over her face! I knew fucking her would help my step-mom out!
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