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Description: Misty (Adria Rae), a babysitter, is tidying up when she's startled by a grown man's lewd voice coming through a monitor receiver. She doesn't initially recognize the voice and panics, thinking someone's in the house. She rushes to make sure that the house is free of intruders and is relieved but confused to find everything safe and sound. She cautiously returns to the living room where the monitor is.
Once again, the same voice comes through the monitor and calls her by her name. The voice then taunts her and says he's not at the house... yet. Misty is horrified and realizes that the voice belongs to Tyson Green (Charles Dera), who is her married client. He's away on a date right now but is shamefully toying with Misty at the same time while he has the unique opportunity to. Tyson tells Misty he's going to give her filthy instructions that she must follow, with him fucking her when he gets home. Misty is stunned but, after some hesitation, becomes intrigued and decides to go along with it.
Misty gets caught up in the moment, dutifully doing everything she's told, starting by touching herself. 'REALLY get your fingers in that tight little pussy...' Tyson orders her. She's only left wanting more and more each time there's radio silence, eagerly waiting for what sinful act she'll be told to do next.
The last time Tyson contacts her, he tells her to remain naked for when he returns home from his date. Misty, feeling a rush from his words, obeys...
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