Reckless - What? I Didn't Kill Anyone!

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Description: Fresh out of prison, tech genius Silas Knight (Seth Gamble) vows to straighten out his life and starts a legitimate business with his beautiful wife Harlow (Ivy Wolfe). But the past just won't let go, and some old acquaintances now want a piece of Silas' new blooming enterprise.
When a body turns up, all the evidence points directly at Silas, who gets arrested. Desperate to help clear her husband, Harlow throws herself at the mercy of none other than his former lover, Avena (Kenzie Anne), daughter of mobster Dino Moretti (Axel Braun).But was Silas framed or did he really do it?
Directed by Seth Gamble, produced by porn legend Axel Braun, and featuring an all-star cast, Reckless is an 8-part wild ride through sex, power, passion and danger that will leave you dizzy...and wanting more.
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