Feed Me - Episode 1

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Description: Sally (Lulu Chu) is a young woman who wants to take her time enjoying life and figuring herself out, but it seems that everyone else keeps trying to tell her what to do. She's in a sexual relationship with her boyfriend Paul (Apollo Banks), but Paul wants more, talking about marriage and starting a family even though Sally doesn't feel ready for that yet. Meanwhile, Sally's parent, Celeste (Julia Ann), accuses Sally of taking too many risks with Paul. Little does Sally know that arguments with Paul and Celeste are about to become the least of her problems...
That night, SOMETHING moves through the darkness, entering the house. Whatever it is, it's looking for someone... and it decides that someone is Sally.
The next day, Sally feels terrible when she gets up, clutching at her stomach in pain. Fearing that she might have gotten pregnant somehow, she rushes to Paul's house with a pregnancy test. Paul is happy, thinking this is a sign from God that they should get married. But when the pregnancy test comes up negative, Sally is relieved, which leads to another argument. Sally believes this is the end of their relationship.
Sally continues to feel painful abdominal cramps, and even has a horrific nightmare about them. Seeking medical advice, she goes to see Dr. Petit (Tommy Pistol), who surprisingly appears to be both a doctor and a priest, but a physical examination just leads to further questions. A mysterious encounter with a strange nun, Dorothy (Ginger Lynn), leaves Sally feeling even more disturbed and confused. Sally's best friend Heather (September Reign) tries to offer some comfort and advice, but this might be a bigger problem than any friendly advice can handle. After all, there's no way for Sally to run and hide from something that's INSIDE her...
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