Eye Spy

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Description: Perfectly positioned to spy on Alexis taking a bath, a watching voyeur studies her every movement from across the street. With a view of the scene through huge windows, nothing is missed—every soapy caress of her long legs, each sweep of her touch over her dripping wet flesh, every fingertip trailing across her pert breasts, he witnesses it all.
On the other side of the traffic and flashing headlights, under a street lamp, her watching voyeur stands absorbed by her seductive movements. Unknowingly giving her admirer an even more enticing view, Alexis rises from the bath. Her toned figure illuminated by the moody bedroom lights glistens as she showers off the soapy bubbles, water cascading in rivulets between her breasts and pussy lips. Oh, what a sight indeed.
Our watching voyeur might think this show is all for him as he holds his breath, arousal surely gripping him while this beauty performs.
But then, his private viewing is shattered as a darkly dressed man enters the room, taking Alexis’ attention from her ablutions.
Cold evening air blows across the street as the voyeur stands motionless, watching as Alexis’ lover presses her up against the window pane. Her hot breath mists the glass, obscuring the view just for a moment before her beautiful breasts wipe it clean, just in time for our peeping Tom to witness her lover slide his cock deep into her from behind. Alexis’ expression is one of pure rapture as she is fucked hard up against the window in full view.
Imagine the tension—desperate to touch yourself as you watch your dream woman be fucked by another man… witnessing the pleasure and indulgence of their lovemaking. Wishing and imagining it were you sinking your long hard dick into her welcoming pussy again and again.
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