What's Good For The Gander

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Description: Maya (Vanna Bardot) is preparing to do laundry when she finds something among her husband Phil's clothes. The object turns out to be a matchbook for a strip club, with an address and flirty message inside written by someone named Blake. Maya is distraught, and tries to decide whether or not to confront Phil about this apparent affair. She decides to go confront Blake first to see if an affair actually took place.
A little later that day, Maya arrives at Blake's address. But to her shock, Blake is a man (Dante Colle). Blake realizes that Maya must be the wife of one of his hookups, and invites her inside. Once they've gotten settled in the living room, Blake explains he's a dancer at the strip club, and he sometimes invites clients to his house for hookups. Maya uses her cellphone to show Blake a picture of Phil, and Blake confirms that Phil is cheating on Maya.
Maya is distraught, wondering if Phil is gay and if their marriage is a lie. Blake says that he himself is bi, but he doesn't know about Phil. Blake expresses his sympathies, saying he's a bit of a 'slut' but would never cheat. Blake suggests that Maya could get revenge on Phil by giving him a taste of his own medicine... in other words, by having sex with Blake. Maya is shocked, but Blake manages to convince her that what's good for the gander is good for the goose.
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Models: Vanna Bardot