No Frisk, No Reward

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Description: It's another seemingly normal day at the airport as passengers filter through a security checkpoint, passing through a metal detector one by one. But when one such passenger, Whitney Wright, passes through, the metal detector goes off! Seems like she forgot to take off her bracelet. Oops! Will Tile, the guard stationed at the checkpoint, tells her to take it off and pass through again. Only when she does, the metal detector goes off another time. Will apologizes to John Strong and Danny Steele who are waiting in line behind Whitney- they're going to have a wait a bit while Will frisks Whitney's body for anything suspicious. It's airport policy!
Will and Whitney go off to a private area, and as Will frisks her, it becomes clear that Whitney has other things besides flying on her mind. The feeling of Will's hands all over her body, not to mention his good looks, causes her to seduce him into some naughty sex. They start to fuck, turning this frisk session into a fuck session. Meanwhile, Milan and Alex Legend join the line of waiting passengers, all of them growing more irritated by the second. And when a passing guard, Billy Boston, walks by, they ask him to go check what the holdup is.
Billy goes to the frisking area and catches Will and Whitney in the act! Rather than have him snitch on his colleague, Whitney invites Billy to join instead. He eagerly agrees, and the two guards tag-team Whitney like there's no tomorrow. But what about the waiting passengers? They aren't going to wait around ALL DAY, are they? No sir. They eventually sneak over to see what the deal is and are shocked when they see Billy, Will, and Whitney having a threesome. Whitney shrugs- why don't they ALL join in? Wouldn't they rather have a little fun than twiddle their thumbs as they wait in line? The passengers agree, and gangbang Whitney, who loves every second of it.
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