Missing Her Daughter Dearly

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Description: Cherie DeVille is having a video call with her 18-year old step-daughter, Emma Hix, who has gone away to study abroad. The call starts innocently enough as Cherie asks her daughter how school's going, is she eating well...typical 'concerned parent' questions. Emma dutifully answers each question, and insists she's being good - mostly. When talk turns to Emma's social life, Cherie coyly tries to find out if Emma is dating anyone - eventually Emma catches on and reassures her mother that no, she's staying single just like she promised!
Cherie tells Emma that she misses her dearly, and it begins to become clear that they were involved in a sexual relationship before Emma left for school. With a flirty glint in her eye, Emma asks Cherie what she would do if they were together right now, and Cherie puts on a sly smile and begins describing a fantasy sexual encounter between them. Overcome with horniness, the two of them begin to put on a show for each other, each doing a slow and sensual striptease.
Even though Cherie and Emma can't be together, it doesn't mean they can't have a little fun!