My daughters new girlfriend

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Description: Suspicious mother, Sarah Vandella, is prepping some food while wondering about her step-daughter Kenna and her new friend Jill. She's confused about why they're always hanging out in Kenna's room instead of in the living room or kitchen like she does with her other friends. Sarah yells to the girls, asking if they're hungry, but when she gets no response she heads upstairs to investigate. As she gets closer to Kenna's bedroom door Sarah can hear kissing noises coming from Kenna's room and is infuriated. Kenna and Jill are making out on the bed, exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Kenna reminds Jill not to be too loud because her mother will hear them, then Jill responds by saying "Why can't you just tell her about us?" They refocus their attention to each other and after making Kenna cum, Jill decides she's going to go downstairs to talk to Kenna's mother to try to get her to like her more. Sarah's waiting in the kitchen when Jill comes down and asks for something to drink. She hands her an iced tea and the two start chatting about how great Kenna is, when Sarah steps closer and says "You know I taught Kenna everything she knows Jill, maybe I can teach you something too. " Jill is taken aback at this suggestion and comes clean about how she's actually dating Kenna and doesn't think she'd like if they did anything. Sarah responds by saying "Trust me, I don't think Kenna would be upset if she knew that you and I were getting closer", then they head over to get more comfortable on the couch. Still reluctant, Jill hesitates as Sarah starts kissing her on the lips and running her hands all over her body. She finally gives in to her feelings as Sarah lifts her shirt and starts sucking on her supple nipples as she unbutton's Jills shorts. They hear a door slam upstairs and are started as Kenna is on her way downstairs, leaving Jill very worried that Kenna will be upset with her. Kenna catches them kissing and an argument ensues, ending with Sarah telling her that she should come clean to Jill. Jill's confused about what's going on when Kenna joins them on the couch to explain herself. Kenna admits that "My mother and I, ever since I turned 18, have been intimate. " "You've been fucking your mom while we're dating?!" Jill says, still trying to process what is happening around her as Sarah responds "I've taught Kenna everything she knows, EVERYTHING, so why don't we all just play nice. " Knowing Kenna is Ok with everything, Jill is finally relaxed about the situation and the three of them can now focus on pleasuring each other.